Our Vision


The Water Institute is an independent, non-profit applied research organization that works across disciplines to advance science and develop integrated methods used to solve complex environmental and societal challenges.
The Water Institute's applied research is rooted in the lessons born from the challenges facing Louisiana and the Gulf Coast and grows through collaborative partnerships to exchange knowledge and implement innovative approaches and solutions. We welcome the opportunity to partner with mission-driven organizations that share our passion for advancing resilient communities and sustainable water management systems and ecosystems.

The Water Institute connects researchers across disciplines to support governmental, private sector, and nongovernmental organization (NGO) partners in planning for an uncertain future. Our integrated and interdisciplinary team’s methodology is founded on engaging scientific, engineering, and planning experts to provide the technical rigor and framing necessary to support robust decision making.


  • Improve our collective understanding of natural and human aspects of coastal, riverine, and urban water management systems.
  • Develop methods, models, and tools to aid in the restoration of communities and ecosystems.
  • Reduce risk for habitats, people, and infrastructure.

  • Our team leads the development and application of leading-edge, problem-specific tools and approaches to inform a range of implementation and policy decisions.
    To learn more about how we work, explore our methodology wheel.