Focus Area

Resilience Lab

The Resilience Lab at The Water Institute of the Gulf undertakes research, outreach, capacity building, the development of best practices, and knowledge exchange focusing on developing innovative solutions to the complex challenges confronting river and coastal communities.

Utilizing the knowledge and lessons learned from coastal Louisiana as a foundation for our work, the Resilience Lab spans three dimensions of resilience:

Human - Prepare Our People

Physical - Design for Adaptation

Intellectual - Share the Knowledge


Scott Hemmerling, Ph.D.
Director, Human Dimensions

Dale Morris
Director of Strategic Parnerships

Key Projects

Identifying the vulnerability of critical infrastructure

When storm surge and extreme rainfall events inundate an area of coastal Louisiana, it’s not just homes and businesses t...

A Louisiana Coastal Atlas: Resources, Economies, and Demographics

Although tropical storms loom large in Louisiana’s history and in dictating population shifts over time, it really only ...

Identifying how communities respond to disasters

Although there has been good work (see the Louisiana Coastal Atlas) on defining when and where Louisiana’s residents hav...