Focus Area

Sustainable Water Resources

From drought to floods, and from surface to ground water, finding ways to manage water resources in a sustainable manner is key to every community, region, state, and country. In Louisiana, often the challenge is flooding, whether it stems from heavy rainfall events or from tropical storms. Through an integrated approach that includes primary data collection, data synthesis, modeling, community involvement, and stakeholder engagement, the Institute is dedicated to helping communities find the right balance.

Sustainable water management also plays a large part in addressing the need for dependable water sources for drinking, business, and wildlife. Drought, and the steps to face this challenge, depend upon a rigorous, science-based approach to water management while recognizing the interconnectedness of ground and surface water resources, the impact to social infrastructure, and projecting future conditions and demands on the water system.

Key Projects

Statewide Water Resources Framework

Louisiana isn’t normally known for a lack of water, but there are several aquifers around the state where demand has hig...

Long-term strategic water sustainability plan

The Capital Area Ground Water Conservation District (CAGWCC) was created by the Louisiana Legislature through Act 678 of...